Mold Inspection Services


Mold spore colonies and mold problems are primarily associated with water intrusion issues. Water leaks, ice dams, pipe breaks, flooding, etc. play a major role in the formation and spreading of mold spores. Mold targets areas such as HVAC systems, associated ductwork, inner wall cavities, drywall components, ceilings, insulation materials, and many others.

Samples must be collected to determine the exact mold spore concentration and types of mold spores in the affected area or areas. Immediate action can be taken as a precaution until the samples are analyzed. Not all mold is visible, if you are feeling a mold-related allergy or suspect a mold problem, contact TEK or a mold specialist for an evaluation.


TEK Environmental Can Provide the Following:


  • Initial Mold and Indoor Air Quality Inspection
  • Conduct Initial Mold Baseline Levels
  • Develop Mold Abatement Scope of Work
  • Provide Initial Mold Surface / Swab Sampling
  • Collect Cultural Air Samples to Identify Specific Mold Types
  • Viable / Non-viable Mold Spore for Initial and Post Remediation Air Sampling
  • Provide direction and Initiation of Mold Remedial Activities
  • Investigations to Determine Mold Sources: (faulty construction, pipe break, water infiltration, etc.- Often located in crawl spaces, above ceilings, and behind walls)
  • Attic problems (click here to view an example) are generally associated with Ice-Dams (click here to view an example) and commonly associated with a lack of ventilation creating cold surface condensation to develop.
  • Furthermore, inadequate insulation may also play a major role in contributing to mold growth from the development of condensation on the underside of the roof sheathing surface.
  • Upon detection of mold growth: Corrective solutions and qualified contractors are available to increase response time.

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