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TEK Environmental & Consulting Services Incorporated is a full-service Environmental Engineering Consulting Firm serving the entire state of Michigan and Ohio. We specialize in providing clients with innovative solutions to environmental challenges relating to Asbestos, Lead, Mold, Mercury, and Chemical hazards. These hazards among many others can contribute to potential problems affecting the Indoor Air Quality of your home, school, or business.

Asbestos Project Management

TEK Environmental offers a complete package of services designed to maintain a healthy living space. Got asbestos or need an inspection? Look no further than TEK Environmental


Environmental and Safety Training

TEK Environmental offers a variety of training to keep employees informed on important environmental and safety topics and to encourage safe work practices while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Indoor Air Quality Studies

IAQ is perhaps the largest public health problem in the United States workforce. TEK can provide the necessary testing and sampling services to determine and pinpoint exact contaminants.

Renovation Assessments and Solutions

Building renovations improve energy performance and reduce the carbon emissions related to the operation of the building. TEK will review the existing limitations and present custom solutions.

Industrial Hygiene Management

TEK Environmental offers personalized industrial hygiene, safety, and environmental consulting services. We use a common sense approach and innovative methods to develop solutions for your concerns while conserving your capital.

Mold Investigations

TEK’s mold inspection services promptly address concerns of mold by developing responsible and cost-effective mold removal solutions.


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