Lead Inspection


TEK employs certified Lead Inspectors / Risk Accessors who can determine lead-based paint hazards utilizing state-of-the-art equipment. We primarily use the X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer (XRF), which can detect lead elements embedded in many surfaces. A Risk Assessment can determine if any lead-based paint hazards exist in your home or building.

Lead mostly impacts many children under the age of 6. They are often exposed to lead-based paint chips or dust. These areas are often a result from windows, doors, and other areas with damaged paint. Any child in a daycare facility, school, or any building with damaged lead-based paints can suffer from the following ailments.

– Flu-like symptoms
– Slow Academic Development
– Neurological Impairment

Lead-based paint hazards can often be transported from a job-site to your home in clothing, hair, or other porous surfaces to your family and friends. Welding, grinding, or cutting activities with lead-based paints can result in exposure to lead.

We Offer

– Lead-based Paint Inspections and Risk Assessments
– HUD Certified State-of-the-Art Instrumentation
– Lead Air Quality Studies
– Program Management

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