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Our work crosses over numerous market segments and they vary in size from one to another. TEK Environmental and Consulting Services (TEK) largest market segments (i.e., those that constitute the greatest revenue production) include Institutional/Educational (K-12), Municipalities, Insurance, Industrial Manufacturing and Contractor sector. The following is a sample of services provided to clientele.


TEK performs consulting services for numerous public school districts. The School administration facilities bond program represents very large revenue potentials. Despite severe budget cutbacks in the public school system, work will remain consistent because of Federal EPA regulatory requirements.

Indoor Air Quality-Constant media scare has initiated Indoor Air Quality Studies in the educational, residential and commercial sector. We have created good working relationships with many commercial and residential builders. These opportunities arise when homeowners or tenants sense the idea of poor indoor air quality, poor workmanship or just dissatisfied with their working environments.


The municipal sector, the City Offices and its various departments, represents a very large market for Industrial Hygiene Service Sector. Work includes facility assessment, facility deactivation and asbestos surveys for buildings and safety requirements. With the push for cleaning up abandoned properties in time for the 2006 Super Bowl, the market potential is very strong. Unfortunately, budget constraints forced the discontinuation of this program in 2001 and have delayed a scheduled restart in 2004.

The Planning & Development and Housing Departments currently have HUD lead-hazard control grants in process. TEK has the potential to go into contract with both departments to perform work related to these grants. Growth in this area depends upon the number of properties the City can process into the system to help prevent children in becoming lead poisoned.


TEK insurance market activities are almost exclusively water intrusive related with subsequent mold inspections in regards to indoor air quality. Several states, including Michigan, may be introducing bills this year that would authorize formation of task forces to study mold or to develop permissible mold exposure limits for mold in indoor environments. Even if limits of liability are instituted, or excluded entirely, mold issues will obviously continue, especially in educational, commercial and residential structures. Establishment of regulatory exposure limits will definitely expand this market.


TEK’s industrial client work focuses on asbestos and facility deactivation/pre-demolition assessment activities.
Asbestos – Because so many industrial facilities range in age from 40 to 90 years, asbestos and other facility contamination issues are widespread. While the hysteria associated with asbestos in the 1980’s has waned and no other product has been found to work as effectively as asbestos, in-place management is more typical. Publications such as the EPA’s ‘Green Book’, Managing Asbestos in Place – A Building Owner’s Guide to Operations and Maintenance Programs for Asbestos-Containing Materials published in 1990 helped owners better select and apply appropriate asbestos control and abatement actions in their buildings. Wholesale asbestos removal programs have been replaced with selective removal only when renovation or demolition is required. Remaining materials are monitored and maintained as needed. As a result, the asbestos market in industry will remain steady for several decades.

Lead based paint inspections are other OSHA related issues including but not limited property transactions in the residential to commercial and even industrial market segments.


TEK has provided contractors with many service segments such as, asbestos air monitoring pursuant to OSHA 29CFR 1926.1101. Negative Exposure Assessments during lead base paint removal operations. Volatile Mercury vapor screening for residential and commercial properties to meet Contractor clearance criteria. Planned and provided services for training and implementing best work practices, etc. regarding mold, lead paint and asbestos abatement.

TEK Environmental & Consulting Service, Inc. is committed to help alleviate the day to day stresses of our customer’s environmental problems and wish to alleviate those responsibilities to make our clients understand that their problems will be taken care of in accordance with the 3-P’s (Professionally, Promptly and Properly).