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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

IAQ is perhaps the largest public health problem in the United States workforce. As buildings age, problems occur undetected or detected resulting in an environmental airborne hazard. On average we spend over 90% of our time indoors. We are often exposed to fungal, biological, and chemical elements which can affect our health. TEK can
provide the necessary testing and sampling services to determine and pinpoint exact contaminants.

Sampling and monitoring for these elements that affect your Indoor Air Quality is extremely beneficial for you health and peace of mind. If a hazard is detected, TEK offers corrective solutions to immediately improve the environment.


– Comprehensive Investigative Procedures to determine contaminants
– Evaluation of Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC)
– Electronic Documentation
– HVAC Air Flow Control Balancing
– Comprehensive Environmental Exposure Assessments.
– Turnkey Environmental Remediation / Removal Services
– Interim Control Methods and Procedures


– Carbon Dioxide
– Hydrogen Sulfide
– Temperature
– Biological
– Mercury Vapor Screening
– Semi-Volatile / Volatile Organic Compounds (SVOC,VOC)
– Water Sampling
– Carbon Monoxide
– Percent Relative Humidity (%RH)
– Mold / Fungal
– Chemical
– PCB Evaluation