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Senior Level Industrial Hygiene Firm

TEK Environmental & Consulting Services Incorporated is a full-service Environmental Engineering Consulting Firm serving the entire state of Michigan and Ohio. We specialize in providing clients with innovative solutions to environmental challenges relating to Asbestos, Lead, Mold, Mercury, and Chemical hazards. These hazards among many others can contribute to potential problems affecting the Indoor Air Quality of your home, school, or business.

We understand the complexity of each problem and that each individual client has specific needs. TEK can respond within 24 to 48 hours to any issue you may have and evaluate the condition with respect to environmental sampling. Analysis will be performed by a third party environmental laboratory. The request for services from a Homeowner would be significantly different from a School or Business. We will turn your environmental issue into a simple and understandable solution.

We offer several environmental services such as: Industrial Hygiene, Project Management, Project Assessment, Environmental Remediation, and Regulatory Compliance specifically targeted toward Homeowners, Insurance Companies, Business Owners, Corporate Institutions and Governmental Entities.